Shakespeare said: “A kid and a woman can’t ever be friends forever”

Lincoln said: “Friendship is the beginning action for everything we call love”

Wordsworth stated: “Proposing a child or a lady for relationship is absolutely absolutely nothing but indirectly saying I LIKE YOU”

Jackie Chan stated: “Love can be an everlasting Friendship”

Michael Jackson said: “If one can be your companion, then he or she can effortlessly be your daily life partner”

I will be actually confused with boy- girl friendships…is it really possible…. Or people who want it simply keep pretending because they are really possible…??

I’m not certain what’s friendship… does kid woman friendship actually possible….?? Generally they do draws one another… I’m uncertain just exactly how real their relationship is … Unlike boy-boy, girl- girl friendships I do find some variations in Boy-girl relationship sorry after all friendship. (more…)

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