Can friends with benefits*actually* work ever? Listed below are most of the pros that are potential cons

Just What them FFS if you actually end up liking.

Sex with some one you worry about, without all of the duty or drama that is emotional go along with a far more severe relationship – seems perfect actually, does it not? Although it’s apparent this one of this advantages is well, duh, more sex, you can find other prospective ups and downs you might like to give consideration to.

As soon as you’re in FWB mode, you should not bother about finding as too keen or fretting about whether you should phone them or await them to phone you. “the theory is that, the friends-with-benefits situation enables you both to flake out, ” says sex specialist Dr Ian Kerner (www. “It is a deal that is straightforward you are buddies who possess sex, nothing more. “


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