Comprehensive Information Regarding Condoms For Protection Life

Benefits and drawbacks of condoms

Some benefits of making use of condoms:

  • Whenever utilized precisely and regularly, these are typically a dependable way of preventing maternity.
  • They help protect both partners from STIs, including chlamydia, gonorrhoea and HIV.
  • You simply need certainly to utilize them when you yourself have sex – they don’t require advance planning as they are suited to unplanned intercourse.
  • In many situations, there aren’t any medical unwanted effects from making use of condoms.
  • These are generally simple to get your hands on and are offered in a number of forms, sizes and flavours.

Some disadvantages consist of:

  • Some partners realize that condoms that are using intercourse – to obtain surrounding this, you will need to make utilizing a condom section of foreplay.
  • Condoms are particularly strong but may divide or tear if you don’t utilized properly. In such a circumstance for you, practise placing them on which means you get accustomed to with them.
  • Many people could be allergic to latex, plastic or spermicides, you could get condoms which can be less likely to want to cause a reaction that is allergic.
  • When utilizing a condom, the guy needs to take out after he’s got ejaculated and before his penis goes soft, keeping the condom securely in position.

Can such a thing make condoms less effective?

Sperm will often enter into the vagina during intercourse, even though employing a condom. This might take place if:

  • The penis touches the certain area round the vagina before a condom is placed on
  • The condom splits or comes down
  • The condom gets harmed by razor- razor- sharp fingernails or jewelry
  • You utilize oil-based lubricants, such as for example cream, child oil or petroleum ointment, with latex or condoms that are polyisoprene this damages the condom
  • You will be utilizing medicine for conditions like thrush, such as for example ointments, pessaries or suppositories – this might harm latex and polyisoprene condoms, preventing them working precisely


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