Method 8: Reinstall Windows 7

Once you’ve finished deleting partitions, make sure the drive you want to use for your Windows 10 installation is selected and press Next to install. If your disk has had an operating system on it previously, or if you have more than one hard disk in your PC, you’ll be shown a screen with several disks and partitions. The sad thing is, MBR errors often come with data loss, which means you might need to recover your valuable files. You can’t do that manually, so to win them back, you should use special software.

The BOOTMGR error can be caused by many things, including boot sector viruses, failed Windows installs or updates or crashed hard disks. When you turn on the computer, the POST (stands for Power On Self Test) processes begin to run by BIOS before booting your Windows copy. The error appears right after the POST process is completed and Windows starts to load.

This can sometimes interfere with attempts to reach an existing OS installation that’s present on another drive. There’s a setting inside of your BIOS or UEFI called Fast Boot that allows Windows 8 and newer operating systems to boot very rapidly msvcr110.dll by preloading drivers. Unfortunately, Windows updates can break Fast Boot compatibility. Fortunately, Fast Boot can be toggled on and off through your BIOS. environment, also known as UEFI or BIOS What Is UEFI And How Does It Keep You More Secure?

Depending on your Windows version, System Recovery Options can already be installed on your computer. System Recovery Options allows you to access Command Prompt and run various command-line specific commands, such as bootrec or diskpart.

How To Fix Windows 10 Startup Repair Not Working Efficiently?

Complete PC Restore is available for Windows Vista systems (except the Windows Vista Home editions) and System Image Recovery is available for Windows 7 systems. Startup Repair automatically scans your hard disk for errors and tries to fix the errors. If you run into problems while trying to make a fresh installation of Windows 10, you may encounter the new version of the bootloader utility.

  • Windows Error Recovery attempts to frighten you that your PC is seriously infected and is at risk.
  • Also, you can get back lost data after you have fixed the error with EaseUS data recovery software.
  • Windows Error Recovery also displays fictitious error notifications and warning messages that state your PC is compromised and numerous HDD errors have been detected.
  • You get 7 ways to get rid of the Startup Repair Windows 7 loop, no matter whether you have an installation disc or not.

If the hard drive has its file integrity compromised, it is possible to use built-in Windows CHKDSK utility to scan the disk and fix the file system errors. The System Recovery Options screen can also have manufacturer-specific tools that can help you recover or restore your computer.

If all of these solutions above fail to fix Windows error recovery and your Windows still fails to start, what should you do? The last resort is reinstalling the operating system. On the Windows error recovery screen, you know a recent hardware change may be the reason behind the system error.

For example, Auslogics File Recovery can bring back your valuable data and spare you much tearing of hair. To do so, follow the same instructions above to boot into Windows Setup, and then select Command Prompt from the options. A corrupted file system is also the cause that could lead to the 0xc000000f error on your Windows computer.

For example, when you upgrade your Windows and it’s working on writing critical information to the boot sector. However, sometimes the power goes off suddenly, or the update process is stuck, and you have to force turn off. As a result, the system file could be corrupted and cause this irritating error.

Fix #1: Rebuild Bcd Via Easy Recovery Essentials

The hardware change may generate Windows instability problems, making your laptop like HP, Dell, Toshiba, etc. fail to reboot. Select Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC. Bear in mind that this may also delete your manufacturer’s recovery partitions, so you won’t be able to go back to your previous operating system.

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