One-man shop with bad credit home loan rates

One-man shop with bad credit mortgage solutions also if you have 1 years accounts:

  • Missed re re re payments, defaults, CCJs accepted
  • Could work of final year’s account / Tax return numbers
  • Deposit levels as low as ten to fifteenper cent
  • Missed payments on interaction bills ignored

If you’re one-man shop with a negative credit home loan items are likely to tough to get therefore the then you have previously tried and been declined because of the Lenders with a top road presence. Bad credit mortgages are classed as much things that are different it may be a few easy missed payments which can be fairly present; or even more severe missed payments on secured loan; or mortgages right just how through to defaults and county court judgements (ccjs).

Another challenge with an one-man shop with bad credit home loan would be the fact that numerous traditional loan providers need a least two to three years account figures, and certainly will generally just take the common of one’s profits, this means it could come and affect your mortgage, even though your business is now booming if you’ve had a bad year in that period. (more…)

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