How exactly to “succeed” in online dating sites. Thought I would check always out of the comp on pof when it comes to hell from it.

Saw the profile of a guy that is cleaning on the website and also discovered their profile hilarious!

No hate in the guy at all but we was not astonished the man is killing it online. Gets the perfect checks for destroying old. Now many use a fake womens profile to see just what dudes state. But its not too at all.

Dude is 6’1 Caucasian.

Big guy. Built blue eyes. Dressed well inside the photos. Bright look.

Works well with the NYG. One of his true pictures are at the press seminar podium supporting a jersey.

Listings inside the profile he is a true house owner.

Listed here is the kicker. He mentions in their profile he’s sick and tired of meeting each one of these women that arrive 30 to 40 pounds heavier than their photos. And also to not also bother texting him if their photos are not present. (more…)

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