Minimalistic graphical user interface: Tinder is effortlessly structured so we intuitively understand how it really works

Harmlessness of this environment: The swiping of pictures is quite fast and has a character that is playful. All of the swipes are anonymous and we have no idea who and just how many users dislike our picture

Shared attractiveness phrase: that is a necessity for further communication on Tinder. It provides us a degree that is certain of and may be connected with good feelings. On Tinder, we simply get good feedback which leads to a degree that is high of

Infinite swiping: While online dating sites platforms reveal the possibility prospects at one time, the photos on Tinder are shown in a apparently endless cycle. This unpredictability associated with the presented pictures produces stress and interest, as there was uncertainty about who and just how numerous candidates as a whole are shown close to us. (more…)

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