Exactly about Chinese business owner desires to assist their countrymen find international wives by launching Ukrainian ladies to them

One Belt and another Road with love.

Intermarriages are increasingly typical in Asia, since the country gets to be more cosmopolitan and developed.

Additionally it is a representation of Chinese guys pro-actively searching for international spouses while they don’t want to marry Chinese females, provided the anxiety that is included with a relationship in a very affluent and society that is materialistic.

Enter Mei Aisi, a Chinese guy from Hebei province who was simply showcased by state news among the “rare” instances of intermarriages with a lady that is western.

The Chinese matchmaking business owner initially rose to popularity after social media marketing pictures of him and his Ukrainian wife attracted the general public, as numerous could maybe not believe that “such an ugly man could have the ability to find this type of pretty wife”. (more…)

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