Korean old-fashioned dating traditions. 10 Uniquely Korean Customs & Mannerisms

This room is just a hodgepodge of lifestyle pieces + cultural observations by having a small give attention to Southern Korea.

10 Uniquely Korean Customs & Mannerisms

A host is had by every country of social manners and etiquette that donate to determine its tradition. This will be no exclusion with Southern Korea. In reality, the Korean peninsula boasts a lot of these traditions. You can find well-known ones such as for example bowing, removing footwear inside, among others. Today, but, we have a look at more mannerisms that are nuanced I’ve observed within my sojourn.

1 – Beware for the pressing & shoving

The thought of saying “excuse me” or “sorry” when trying to bypass somebody while walking, on an escalator, or on a crowded food store just does not occur in this country. Rather, Koreans do not have qualms about pushing and jostling individuals to arrive at where they must be. They are doing this silently and unapologetically. Once I first relocated to SoKo i discovered this perplexing, but I’ve grown accustomed to it because we now reciprocate the behavior. (more…)

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