Valentine’s Day is just a day that is celebrated of and love, hallmarked by the cheesy romantic …

Valentine’s Day is really a celebrated day of love and love, hallmarked by the cheesy imagery that is romantic on everything from inexpensive waxy chocolates to quickly forgotten packed bears peddled in just about every drugstore from right right here to Timbuktu. But, the holiday’s roots are grounded in murky, unverified legends that most have a tendency to point out the martyrdom of just one Saint Valentine, whom by some accords had been imprisoned for marrying young Christian couples, who had been persecuted underneath the Roman legislation of times, and provided a page to their jailor’s daughter finalized “From your Valentine” before their execution.

So that you can accurately commemorate that dramatic encapsulation of love and bloodshed, we’ve turned the main focus in the more violent delights experienced by individuals with a flavor for the dark and unusual. That’s right, we’re talking BDSM rather than the milquetoast experimentation of very first time audiences of Fifty Shades, either. The 12 songs below all straight or metaphorically make reference to the field of kink in most its glory that is delectable brought to you personally by the world’s greatest purveyors of sex and cool: rock artists.

A common thread of power, pain, and pleasure run through these songs with each charged riff and line from the hard industrial stylings of German fucklords Rammstein to the synth driven sex pop of new wavers Depeche Mode.

Some slim heavy in the carnal functions of physical physical physical violence while many are far more inclined to pull the psychologically out extreme (and employ your message “slave” when you look at the kink context: caution for many who choose to not ever engage with this language), but all encapsulate a particular provided feeling of taboo satisfaction gained from experiencing the rougher things in life. (more…)

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