In Season 8 they settle in as a couple that is married. Although earlier episodes imply Monica planned to immediately try for children after wedding,

Inside their year that is first of they give attention to adjusting as newly wedded couples, supporting Ross and Rachel along with their maternity and reassuring Joey about their new-found emotions for Rachel.

Into the Season 8 finale, Monica jokingly suggests they start attempting for the kids just for Chandler to seriously take her, admitting he’s in love with them and believes they’re prepared. Thrilled, they choose to immediately start trying. (“The Main One Where Rachel Has A Child, Part 2”).

Period 9

At the start of Season 9 Chandler is obligated to relocate to Tulsa for work. Initially Monica plans to go with him, it is provided her fantasy task in nyc, plus they organize it therefore Chandler just has to stay Tulsa for half the week, even though they acknowledge it’s going to be hard living far from one another.

After many months of the relationship that is long-distance learned which he would need to invest Christmas time without Monica additionally the other buddies in Tulsa, if not be fired from their task.

He concerns feel empathy for the workers underneath him who’re demonstrably depressed simply because they desire to be investing xmas along with their families and informs all of them to go back home. (more…)

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