Slept with friend’s ex on a night that is drunk. A great buddy of mine|friend that is good of recently split together with gf.

We met her a times that are few i am away drinking with my mates, she’d sometime participate in. I would personally keep in touch with her for abit, simply saw her as my mate’s gf that loosely buddies with due to him.

He ended up divorce together with her, I don’t understand the intricacies. We’m quite away going along with other buddies usually go back for casual intercourse with girls. I happened to be out one evening and I also saw her with a buddy so went over to say hello, simply being friendly. She joined up with in with my team chatting about normal things, she did ask me personally a large amount of questions regarding my entire life like if we’d a girlfriend etc. She asked if she could get back to mine even as we keep on following the club closes.

She found my flat and got quite drunk therefore was not in a state on the own along with her buddy had kept after the club. While I slept in my bed, she was passed out on the sofa when everyone left so I put a blanket over her so I said she could sleep over, I meant she would stay in the living room.

Simply being good, we’d no curiosity about her more than that knowing she’s one of my closest friend’s ex. During the night time she got to my sleep I heard her coming in but was too tired to open my eyes, I turned over to face her, I could feel her attempting to get near to me personally trying to arouse me with.

Long tale short we achieved it however now I’m completely regretting it as I feel just like i want behind a close buddies right back. (more…)

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