Q. Can it be normal for my 17-year-old son to own a various gf every couple of months?

A. Yes it is normal, but it doesn’t suggest you need to ignore it. The entire world requires more males whom genuinely believe that genuine guys are never ever careless about other people’ emotions and dignity. Demonstrably moms and dads will be the ones almost certainly to create that take place. Therefore be engaged together with teenager dating life to your degree that both you and their dad are beyond clear which you expect him become respectful (face-to-face, on the web, or while texting) toward anybody he dates. He should also insist upon being treated the same manner. (If you require it, as you probably will: Simple tips to guide she or he through heartbreak. ) Most critical is for him to observe how their moms and dads communicate in a partnership. If you’ren’t showing him just how individuals should respect one another in intimate relationships, it really is difficult to ask exactly the same of him.

Q. My daughter that is 16-year-old spends great deal of the time at her boyfriend’s house.

I simply learned that their parents let them view films in their space because of the home shut. (more…)

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