The length of time can I wait to text him after having a hookup

Have you ever heard regarding the 3 time no contact rule that is dating? It states you ought to wait 3 times after you’ve gotten her number before you call a girl.

Whether this applies to texting is not crucial because that old relationship guideline is total bullshit be it texting, messaging, or whatever social media marketing you’d like to make use of.

The guideline had an intention which seemed genuine:

It absolutely was supposed to make a man look cool, like he’d a life or they’re “so busy”, as well as for specific dudes it had been important because right when they got a girl’s number – they’d develop into a needy wuss who acted hopeless.

They acted from a spot of “scarcity” or as though that they had no genuine leads.

That they had a strong desire to get her before other man arrived because they didn’t feel confident within their capability to attract and keep a female.

Nonetheless, whenever ladies figured out it had been a game, it stopped working the way in which it had been designed to work with the initial destination. (more…)

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