Dating Protection Guidelines. Dating safety and assault that is sexual be a challenging subject to talk about.


Data show that 1 in 3 women and almost 1 in 2 teenage boys state they cannot understand the indications of intimate attack.

We’ve developed these methods for you to definitely talk about together. These pointers affect a date that is casual simply “hanging out” or serious relationships dabble. Abstaining from sex could be the choice that is safest for young adults. However, if a new individual chooses to take part in sexual intercourse and it has concerns about preventing maternity or sexually transmitted diseases, please make a consultation with Family wellness Services. Moms and dads are welcome or young adults may check out alone. Most of all, be safe!

  1. Prevent usage of drugs and alcohol and that means you have actually complete memory associated with the individual or encounter that is sexual.
  2. Being refused for intimate relations isn’t fundamentally a rejection of you physically. Someone who says “no” to sexual relations is expressing his / her unwillingness to take part in a particular work at a time that is specific. (more…)
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