It’s a hookup culture, maybe perhaps not a rape tradition

Intimate attack has certainly entrenched it self deeply within the minds and life of students every-where. Naturally, this type of broad toxification demands attention and remedy; unfortunately, efforts which try to deal with the notorious substance-induced attack have now been starkly misguided and ill-informed. I will be referring a particular, yet undeniably large element of what exactly is considered rape or intimate attack on college campuses – two different people, of indeterminate drunkenness, doing sexual intercourse.

The prevalence with this variety of sexual assault nationwide has offered rise a number of prominent narratives which make an effort to determine the origins of the infection, specifically the idea that individuals, as university students, are part of a wider “rape culture;” a culture predominant in and promoted by the media, judicial procedures and general public attitudes. I would like to claim that the rape tradition narrative isn’t only incorrect, but completely from the mark. (more…)

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