This is a various part to Hoseok than just about any you’d see before.

‘Oh, Jungkookie…you know not to ever speak to your hyung like that…. Especially whenever you promised to ask him to the next ‘get together’. ’ Hobi reacts in a mocking drool, moving the door quietly shut as he does so behind him as he begins to make his way over to the two of you, lifting his shirt over his head.

‘Its my change- hyung. ’ Jungkook growls, their supply going behind him, eyes keen on Hoseok around you possessively as he pulls you.

‘And yet…I am your hyung, therefore if i would like one thing you have…i could go away from you. ’ the older child states, their words growing darker and darker while he comes to face prior to you, eyes pinned for you as he rips the pillow out of your grasp. (more…)

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