We squeezed my eyes closed, never ever wanting this brief minute to get rid of.

“Jungkook, ” we moaned gently as our lips broke in which he began attacking my throat, drawing approximately and making bruises for the next day.

“I favor hearing you state my name, ” he said in the middle breaths, just pulling far from my epidermis to talk. “Say it once again. ”

“Jungkook! ” I gasped while he rolled their pelvis against mine and I also could feel him currently difficult beneath me personally, making me personally a lot more damp than We currently had been. We tangled my hands through their locks, getting it and tugging him nearer to me personally. Our lips discovered each other’s once more and then we proceeded to go on it, no doubt causing swollen, busted lips and bleeding tongues at it like our lives depended. Jungkook proceeded to thrust their sides on my legs and reduced area, pressing me down and up from the wall surface each and every time. My fingers desperately traveled along their human body, and I also felt like i really couldn’t pull him near adequate to me personally despite the fact that virtually every section of us ended up being pressing. He was wanted by me closer.

As though reading my head, Jungkook lifted my fat from from the wall surface and began walking, never ever breaking our ravaging kiss. I did son’t understand where we had been going, and honestly I didn’t care. My eyes had been closed and my brain had been too busy being in a consistant state of euphoria that only revolved around him. (more…)

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