Can I check out My Spouse in the usa While waiting around for My Green Card?

Precautions to just just take whenever visiting your partner

It is feasible to see your better half in the usa while your marriage-based green card application is pending. To do therefore, you will have to make an application for a tourist visa. But before pursuing this program, it is essential to comprehend the challenges and dangers involved.

First, you would have to persuade an immigration officer which you intend to stay limited to a quick some time would keep america before your tourist visa expired.

But there’s another hurdle to conquer from then on: whenever you get to the usa, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) representative will “inspect, ” or question, you during the edge or “ port of entry ” (where site visitors very very first actually enter the usa). You’ll be expected to spell out why visiting that is you’re. The CBP representative would then determine — at their discretion — whether or not to allow you to enter (known officially as “admission”).

ESSENTIAL: You must never ever misrepresent your cause for going to the united states of america, either on an immigration type or before an immigration officer or even a CBP agent. Additionally you must never lie about being hitched up to a U.S. Resident or green card owner.

Almost any misrepresentation could jeopardize your personal future eligibility for a card that is green.

Despite having a val not be assured admission. Quite often, partners looking for an eco-friendly card are rejected entry during the border or slot of entry when a CBP representative discovers they’ve been hitched to a person located in the usa and also have a pending marriage-based card application that is green. (more…)

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