12 phases of finding your way through a Hookup

Through mutual friends, on Tinder, at the bar, or anywhere else – the first time you’ve planned a hookup with a new partner almost always takes some serious preparation beforehand whether you’ve met them. A few of this prep work is of good use, a number of it… not really much.

1. Confirm he’s not secretly a serial killer.

Perchance you went right house after meeting them, or even you stored it for your day of one’s big hookup, but in either case, it’s likely that you’re going to devote a while to online stalking the new model. With every social media place you don’t discover a horrible, deal-breaking secret – or even worse, accidentally tap ‘like’ that you type their name into the search bar of, you pray.

2. Screenshot his pictures.

As you’re partaking in your web stalking, it is most likely that you’ll display screen shot a few photos and text them to your bestie for an instant (or hilariously in-depth) 2nd viewpoint.

3. Make sure that you’ve got security.

Today remembered to take your pill? Check Always. Have a lot of condoms? Check Always. Lube readily available in the event? Always Check.

4. Begin your playlist.

Ensure you get your music pumping along with your self- self- confidence sky-rocketing.

5. Start your primping ritual.

Hop into the bath or shower and begin your individual care regime. Maybe you love to do an intense full-body exfoliation, or possibly you simply run a razor your feet quickly. Whatever it really is you will do, caring for your individual hygiene pre-hookup is really a surefire method to feel just like a million dollars.

6. Check always your self out nude. (more…)

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